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We are having a few problems though, it is needed to have this site for members only. So we need your statement of agreement. We have all that we got about Lew updated in our site, some people don't appreciate this. We would just like to share information of Lewis with you and this site intends no copyright infringements. At first, we were going to enjoy within a small circle in Japan for Lew's fans, then we decided to share with other fans. One of our friends has sufferedcsomeone erased her signature from her great illustrations, posted in LJ. When the culprit was asked, he/she denied any wrong doing. After that, the culprit and their friends posted some slanders with dirty Four-Letter words. We welcome illustrations from fellow fans and wish to protect their works from piracy.
Because the former password leaked out, we have had to change it.

So, We'd like to requests you to follow these 2 guidelines below.

1) DO NOT tell anyone a password.
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One more. We have a slash content which is written in Japanese only, but we are afraid that you could be fine?

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We need your statement!

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Yuko and Kayo of Operation LewC.